about mark

I’ve always enjoyed flying.  I was barely two years old when my parents took me on my first flight from New York City to London where my dad was starting his new job. My mom told me years later that I didn’t cry or cause trouble like most kids do on airplanes. I looked out the window and was fascinated by the view from above.  I still am.

When I was twelve, I got a Super 8 camera and started making movies with my friends. The film cartridges were only three minutes long, and I didn’t have an edit system, so all the scenes in my movies were shot in order in real time. I learned fast that every frame counts. To my young ears there was no sound worse than the rapid click-click of the film running out just as I was about to get a great shot.

The skills I gained from those early experiences with flying and filming prepared me perfectly to do drone video:  I know how to find the most effective and visually interesting camera angles above my subject, and I've learned how to maximize flight time to get the shots before the drone battery runs low. Of course, I'm no longer limited to three minutes of content, but I don't think 'more video' always means 'better video'.

Since the Super 8 days I've worked as a producer, director of photography, writer, and editor on Emmy Award and Peabody Award-winning network and cable television shows, documentary films and music videos. In addition to drones I offer complete ground-level production and post-production services. Please contact me with any questions and to receive a custom quote for your project. I look forward to working with you.